image from MPL PH Facebook

August 12,2022 Day 1 of Week 1 of MPL PH S10 held at the iCite Building Auditorium. Saw the return of the Queen and King of MLBB Jonmar “OhmyV33nus”Villaluna and Daenarie James “Wise” Del Rosario of Blacklist international.

After taking a break during MPL PH S9 the queen and king complete the championship lineup of the reigning world champions, going against Nexplay Evos and taking them 2-1 in a best of 3 series.

Game 1 would see Blacklist dominate the early game invading NXPE jungler John Paul “H2WO” Salonga not giving him any breathing room to farm and make plays.

Additionally the duo of burst damage from Kiel”Oheb”Soriano on his signature hero Beatrix and Salic Alauya”Hadji”Imam on the Xavier combined for insane long range pick off thanks to the dawning light and renner’s apathy combo securing game 1 for Blacklist.

In game 2 things would get interesting as NXPE picked up a Natalia for newly acquired roamer Karl Mico”Micophobia” Quitlong, formerly from Onic PH.

Mico would prove to be the star of Game 2 isolating BLCK members and getting pick offs before they could group up for objective and this snowballed into a game 2 win for NXPE.

In game 3 however Blacklist would take no time to adjust their strategy picking up the Natalia for Wise on the jungle, a rarity since Natalia is usually played for roam, how ever due to recent buffs of the hero jungle Natalia is possible.

NXPE would try to counter this with a Saber in the roam acting as a pseudo Natalia for getting pick offs, unfortunately the single target crowd control would be heavily countered by OhmyV33nus’ pick up of the Diggie.

Blacklist’s mastery of the draft would smoothly transition as NXPE couldn’t get momentum on their side being disrupted and picked off snow balling into a game 3 win where Oheb got the first savage on the first day of MPL PH season 10.

Blacklist is now set to face their rivals Smart Omega in day 2 week 1 of MPL PH season 10.