MPL Philippines season 9 has shaped up to be the most intense season so far as no teams have finalised their playoff seedings, the top 3 teams are all still fighting for the one seed, one of which being ECHO.As for the bottom 4 teams they are all still trying to secure their ticket to the playoffs and one of those teams is NXPE.

Week 9 will be headlined by the first head to head meeting of ECHO Vs Nexplay Evos. The last time these two teams were supposed to face off was back on the 3rd day of week 4 , unfortunately the Nexplay Evos team was not able to make it to the venue on time due to some unforeseen circumstances and was disqualified for violating league regulations and awarded ECHO a 2-0 win.

Two teams on the opposite side of the spectrum, ECHO looking to regain their top spot and gain the advantage that comes with it heading into the playoffs, while NXPE is looking to secure their playoffs spot and fend off the bottom 3 teams behind them. 

Team roamers and former teammates Yawi and Renejay is your star player head to head. Yawi has displayed his growth as a roamer for his new team having a KDA of 3.63 and having a deeper a hero pool with 11 unique heroes picked. Renejay in turn has a lower KDA of 2.52 and 2 less unique heroes picked with 9.

Historically since season 8 NXPE has had a better head to head match up against them with 4 wins against ECHO’s 2 wins, this season however ECHO is the more winning team with a 64.00% win rate compared to NXPE’s 48.15%.

Week 9 of the regular season is a must watch weekend as each remaining match will determine the teams final standings. ECHO wants to be back at the top,NXPE fights for tournament life they’re finally set to clash as the last match on the last day of the regular season 8:00pm on April 10th don’t miss out on this long awaited match up.