Quezon City, October 22,2022 – Day 3 of the MPL Philippines season 10 playoffs, the ECHO express now adds Jakarta, Indonesia on to their map as they become the second team to qualify for the M4 world championships.

ECHO played two matches on day 3, the first one was against the M3 world champions Blacklist International in the upper bracket finals. They were swept 3-0 by Blacklist thanks to a very unorthodox jungle picks for Daenarie James”Wise”Del Rosario that threw off ECHO.

In the post game interview Kiel”Oheb”Soriano the gold laner for Blacklist was asked if he felt that ECHO was ever a threat in this series and he said he didn’t feel ECHO was a threat at all and that’s why they dominated them.

ECHO would head down to the lower bracket to eventually face the team they knocked down to the lower bracket on day 2, RSG Philippines.

This has been going on since the regular season, the heated rivalry between the two junglers of both teams ECHO’s Karl “Gabrie”l Karltzy Nepomuceno and RSG’s Jonard”Demonkite” Cedrix Caranto.

RSG on the back of an intense 5 game series with BREN Esports was visibly tired as their in-game movements and calls have not been as spot on as their previous games. ECHO took this advantage and ran with it, especially roamer Tristan”Yawi”Cabrera who was using his signature pick the Chou in games 1&2 and made play after play after play and gave ECHO the 2-0 advantage taking them to match point.

RSG would bounce back in game 3 the defending champions led by season 9 MVP Dylan”Light”Catipon won crucial team fights thanks to his playmaking and zoning.

In the end in the battle of roamers it would be Yawi prevailing, in game 4 ECHO had the last pick and instantly locked the Kadita for Yawi, and this worked perfectly for ECHO as Yawi bursted down anyone he could get in range into crucially picking off RSG members in team fights and eventually securing them a ticket to M4.

Yawi ran off the stage and immediately hugged his mom as the team celebrated, Yawi then said in the interview with Mara Aquino that it feels good to go to M4 because for his whole career he’s been ridiculed by his critics for always finishing last with his teams e.g Nexplay and in the previous season ECHO.

Karltzy former M2 champion make his way back to the world, Karltzy made a name for himself on the world stage as one of the best junglers in the world with his signature Lancelot in M2, he’ll now be competing against the likes of Wise, the import MVP from the Philippines Kairi of ONIC Indonesia and Alberttt from RRQ Hoshi.