May 5,2023-Pasay City. Day 2 of MPL Philippines continues as M4 champions ECHO took on the reigning MSC champions RSG Slate Philippines. After going down 2-1 to ECHO game 4 would serve as John Darryl “Irrad” Abarquez’s welcoming party, as he willed and carried RSG to a game 4 win which was the momentum the team needed to secure game 5 and the win.

the “Irradicator” used Lancelot in the crucial game 4 taking crucial lords and even leading RSG in engaging team fights, escaping attempted pick offs by the members of ECHO in the late stages of the game with only a slim of health left. What sealed the game for RSG would be the lord steal led by Irrad and secured by Nathanael”Natthz”Estrologo at the 23 minute mark.

After escaping another near death Irrad dashed back to heal and immediately dash back to attempt to contest the solo lord take by Karl Gabriel “Karltzy” Nepumoceno, as Irrad reached the lord area Natthz followed after respawning and was able to snatch the lord at the last second using the King’s Calling ultimate of his hero Minsithar and gave RSG the hope and window they needed to win the game 4.