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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championships, held in Jakarta Indonesia, started with a bang. After 4 days in the group stage, we have seen many teams make their presence known on the world stage, and some teams underperform. Here are the top 10 teams in the M4 world championships heading into the knockout stage.


The ECHO express has arrived on the world stage and immediately made their presence felt by topping Group C with a 3-0 standing beating the likes of Occupancy Thrones (TUR), RSG (SG), and RRQ Hoshi (IND). ECHO kicked off their M4 campaign by defeating RRQ Hoshi, however, amidst a cheating scandal Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera sat out the first 2 games and was replaced by two-time champion Jaypee Gonzales “Jaypee” Dela Cruz who showed that he’s still got it, stepping up along with the rest of the team to secure an upper bracket spot.


The Falcon has landed, I repeat the falcon has landed, returning to the world stage after missing M3 its Myanmar. Back for their yearly tradition of being known as the dark horse team of the tournaments, but after their group stage runs they have now turned into legitimate contenders. After a shaky start losing to the Turkish reps of Incendio Supremacy, and having a close battle with Burn x Flash of Cambodia, Falcon bounced back on day 3 defeating the defending world champs Blacklist International, forcing a 3-way tie in group A which resulted in a best of 1 round-robin between Incendio Supremacy, Blacklist International, and Falcon, where saw Falcon ride an incredible wave of momentum, defeating the Turkish reps, and again defeating Blacklist in the same night, thanks to Min “Naomi” Ko with arguably one of the best individual performances in the M series on the Franco to secure the top spot of group A.

3.Onic Esports (IND)

The champions of MPL Indonesia are back, one of the early favorites to win M4, and they showed why. A bump at the start of the group stages losing to Todak (MAY) in a repeat of history as Onic has yet to defeat Todak on the international stage. However, the rest of their matches would go their way, with a strategy of shuffling their roster making their lineup unpredictable and hard to read for their opponents, but one player isn’t leaving the lineup is Kairi ”Kairi” Rayosdelsol, who in a meta dominated by utility junglers is bringing back the assassin jungle, using heroes like Hayabusa against Malvinas Gaming (PERU) and Ling against MDH (VIE) who put up an insane KDA of 10/0/3.

4.RRQ Akira (BRA)

RRQ is one of the top teams in M4 right now, but not the RRQ we all know, from Brazil it’s RRQ Akira. They have shown themselves to be one of the strongest teams right now in the tournament. Formerly Keyd Stars back in M3, the samba boys dominated MPL Brazil becoming back-to-back champions, and are now showing strength at M4 surprising everyone by topping Group D, defeating fan favorites The Valley (USA) and the Malaysian champions Team HAQ. Sidelane standouts Arthur “Tekashi” Nascimento and Gustavo “Gustalagusta” Da Costa Lima went wild in the group stages, showing an aggressive playstyle that forced their enemies to react to their plays. The entire team as a whole also smartly picks their spots to attack shown in their match against THQ (MAY) where they held out in the early game and waited for their hero lineup to spike and make a comeback.

5. Todak (MAY)

TODAK LANGGAR! The ever-consistent Todak is once again on the world stage and has shown why they always deserve to be at the M series. Topping group b with a perfect 3-0, defeating and what many consider an upset against Onic Esports, and taking care of MDH and Malvinas Gaming. The three musketeers are back as Wan “4meyz” Usman, Zikry Bin “Moon” Shamsuddin, Muhammad Danial bin “Cikugais” Mohamad Fuad, make their fourth appearance at the world stage and have made a strong impression on the group stage, could the 4th time to be the one for the Malaysian powerhouse.

6. Blacklist International (PHI)

The reigning and defending world champions of MLBB are back, the first time in the M series that the previous champion has returned to defend their crown. Blacklist has slightly fallen down the power ranking from being the top choice by almost everyone, it was smooth sailing for the agents with a good win against Burn x Flash, and Incendio Supremacy, until they met Falcon on day 3. Blacklist would lose to Falcon in of the most anticipated matchups in the tourney, Falcon forcing the three-way tie and losing to Falcon twice in one night. Despite the setback, Blacklist International is still the heavy favorite to win M4, but they head into the knockout stage without as much momentum as they would’ve liked.

7. RRQ Hoshi (IND)

The kings of kings are back, and they made their presence on the world stage inside and outside the game. We saw the return of one of the greatest MPL players in Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan, RRQ would only face defeat against ECHO, where they had a less-than-stellar showing against the orcas. But the rest of their matches against Occupy Thrones and RSG SG were all performances befitting a king. RRQ is also known for its die-hard fanbase, the RRQ kingdom was out in full support on the group stage, as flag bearers and drummers made noise in full support of the hometown squad.

8.Team HAQ

The champions of MPL Malaysia, many people undermined the team, but they’ve more than proved why they are champions and why they belong on the world stage. Only losing one match against RRQ Akira via a comeback, they beat s11 and The Valley in dominant fashion. The dynamic duo of twins Aimin “Minn” Anuar and Aiman “Mann” Anuar proved to be one of the team’s greatest strengths as their midlane rotation and chemistry is a tricky thing to overcome for their opponents.

9. Incendio Supremacy.

The Turkish have now grown a habit of shocking everyone and making them see that they are here and ready to compete. Incendio Supremacy almost secured an upper bracket spot had not been for the three-way tie in group a. Incendio in both matches against blacklist held their own, especially in the tiebreaker match where they were taking Blacklist to a stalemate in their team fights. The team standout is their EXP laner Bariş “Alien” Ali Çakir who made a game-changing play against Burn x Flash stealing a lord from them to give their team the momentum to win.

10. The Valley (USA)

The NACT champions so far have been underwhelming in the tournaments, BTK’s run in M3 a lot of people had high hopes that Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun could lead his new squad to a better run. Defeating s11 in a good game heavily carried by Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl, but against RRQ Akira and Team HAQ they didn’t play up to people’s high expectations.