On May 27, 2022 An announcement event at Vikings Luxury Buffet, at Seaside boulevard was made, RedShield Games a new play to earn NFT and blockchain gaming project was revealed to 100 Filipino influencers with a combined following of over 40 million to promote and spread the news of this new game.

Redshield Games announcement event at Vikings Venue

Founder and Creative Director Wayne Fun was present at the event and gave the attendees a presentation of what the game is all about and how it works.

Founder and Creative Director Wayne Fun

A quick synopsis of the game, set in an alternative dystopian universe in the 1940s during World War 2, every superpower nation conducted their secret experiments aiming to produce controllable super soldiers.

Unfortunately, one of these secret experiments took a wrong turn and opened up Pandora’s box for humankind, changing the face of the earth forever. Players will battle, collect NFTs – Champions, Symbions and Bunkers – govern the lands and earn from these interactions.

The game adopts a community-driven approach and is dedicated to building a real player-generated economy in the ecosystem in which players can buy, sell and trade their NFTs in the marketplace.

Concept Art of one the Champions to choose from

The Philippines is the first market the game will enter, according to a study conducted by Statista the Philippines boasts a 20% crypto adoption, meaning that the Philippines has become a hotspot for blockchain-powered P2E games more than ever before, said Wayne.

The event also announced the Token Sale campaign and upcoming milestones of the project; IDO and NFT presale. The game is still currently in development with beta testing aimed for the last quarter of the year, and a full release of the game by the first quarter of 2023.

The game will not be free to play; you will need to at least purchase one champion in order to get your adventure started.

The game will be available on mobile devices first before a release on the PC.

To know more about RedShield Games you can visit their website at https://redshield.game/ .