Quezon City, Philippines – #DoItAgain as REV Major the fighting game event in the Philippines is set to make its return after its successful comeback in 2022, From September 30 to October 1 the event will take place once again at the SMX Convention Center Function Room 5 where it was held last year. The event is surely set to make another big splash this year so let’s give a quick run of what’s to come in this year’s REV Major.


Rev Major will be grounds for four Fighting Game World Tour stops, ArcSys World Tour, SNK World Championships, Dragonball FighterZ World tour, and of course Tekken World Tour. Wherein the best of the best players for each are set to compete and provide thrilling action and gameplay for all fans and event goers at the country’s biggest fighting game stage


REV Major is packed with various fighting game tournaments in addition to the world tour competitions. Street Fighter VI, Super Smash Bros., and Mortal Kombat 1 competitions. Numerous international Fighting game celebrities have already expressed their excitement about visiting the nation and competing in REV Major. includes favorites like Rangchu, Dragons Raef, Cloud9’s Yuyu, Talon Book, and LowHigh between others


Rae Lil Black, a well-known female personality and fighting game enthusiast, will be appearing at REV Major. She will host Meet and Greet sessions in addition to appearing at the event, engage with the audience to create a unique FG event experience. Participants in the REV Major 2023 event will have an opportunity to speak with Rae Lil Black and acquire exclusive Rae Lil Black merchandise from RAEv Major Rae Lil Black calendars, shirts, posters, and photocard sets!


The numerous REV Major 2023 event areas are also the scene of a wide variety of FG activities. VIP ticket holders will get access to a private lounge where they can unwind, relax, and mingle with other VIPs. Event guests can also take advantage of special events, benefits, and prizes.

This year, the REV Major Community Bay is back to display various fighting game communities. who are encouraged to attend and participate in the event. Additionally, merchants and artists will be there to display market wares like stickers, clothes, artwork, and more! REV MAJOR is here to #DoItAgain and better so all you gamers better be there for a one of a kind experience