On June 19,2022 the grand finals of MSC 2022 was held at Mitec Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

RSG PH coming off a grueling 5 game series against fellow Philippine representative Smart Omega which heartbreakingly saw the end of the road for the reigning MSC champions.

Going against the king of kings RRQ Hoshi who defeated RSG PH in their first encounter in the upper bracket finals with a 3-1 score.RSG PH would proceed to sweep RRQ Hoshi in 4 intense games, where in the first 3 games reached more the 20 minutes of game time.

In game 1 RRQ would take charge of the early game thanks to the crowd control ability of RRQ midlander Clayyy and his hero Yve, RSG would hold for the late game comeback as a crucial base defense and successful lord take would swing the momentum in the favor of RSG PH securing game 1.

In game 2 it would be the same story as RRQ would once again take control of the early game and mid game thanks to RRQ roamer Vyn and his Ruby disrupting teamfights for RSG PH, however RSG PH would prevail in the late game as Dylan Aaron “Light”Catipon on the Lolita would lead the charge with his perfectly timed ultimates giving his team the momentum and the game 2 win.

Game 3 would once again play out the same RRQ leading early this time thanks to R7 and his Dyrotth winning his lane matchup and zoning in team fights, and again RSG PH would have and amazing comeback this time led by midlaner Arvie”Aqua”Antonio with his perfect Yve game and goldlaner Emman”Emman”Sanco on his unkillable Karrie, together shredded the RRQ lineup and going up 3-0

In Game 4 RSG PH would complete the sweep, thanks to the whole team effort highlighted by the game ending set by light on his Khufra pick that take down two members of RRQ and secure the series and the title of Kings of South East Asia.

Emman is named as finals MVP,this would mark the third MSC championship for the Philippines RSG PH join the likes of Aether Main and Smart Omega (formerly Execration).

MSC 2022 was an out standing success with the grand finals drawing the highest of record of viewers for any Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournament, drawing 2.8 million viewers.

At the end of the event as well we got the announcement of the M4 world championships, scheduled on January 1 – January 15 2023