Emulating Resident Evil 4 using Aether SX2 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet to come out released this year last February 25. Along with the more enhanced versions such as the S8 Plus and S8 Ultra .

This review will focus on the gadgets gaming capacity, how good can it run some of the largest games on the mobile platform, as well as running console emulators namely PSP,PS2 and Nintendo DS.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G has some really good specs I’d say it’s biggest upside is the great display features, packing an 12.4 inch Super AMOLED display with 120hz refresh rate.

This is almost as big as laptop screens,along with the super AMOLED and 120hz refresh rate playing your games will look so smooth and clean.It’s great display is complimented by its booming sound set up with 4 stereo speakers that help your gaming experience feel more immersive and complete.

Its an absolute blast to listen to games with a great sound track like Pokémon or firing bullets in Call of Duty.Running heavy games on this tablet is no problem thanks to having a Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor with 8/12 GB of RAM.

You will not have to worry about any heating problems this tablet can do the heavy lifting of running big games such as Genshin Impact.Now based on my experience using this tablet playing MOBA games on this big of a device is not recommended, it’s a big surface to cover and playing games like Mobile Legends and Wildrift where you have to be quick to do your combinations and buy items on the spot checking your map.It is doable but I do not recommend it for you to do.

On the flip side this is perfect for games that you can use a compatible controller on. It can be any controller as long as it has Bluetooth connectivity. For my gaming experience I used a Xbox One controller.The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus shines best when used with a controller to run games you are able to take full advantage of its excellent display, just sit back and enjoy from a safe comfortable distance. The games that I tested out for hand held games I played the two heaviest games on mobile Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

Running these games were no problem although graphic settings can only go up to medium anything higher will overclock. Both of these games absolutely shine with the beautiful of display of the device, as long as you manage your settings you will not worry about any heating issue.

Next I covered games that you can use a controller on, namely Call of Duty mobile and PSP emulator and PS2 emulator. Once again this tablet does wonders for all three games in Call of Duty everything runs smoothly thanks to the powerful processor no latency whatsoever and you can have a smooth fast paced shoot out.

For running the emulators which is a hard job for most devices the Samsung galaxy tab s8 plus does the work smoothly, I played Soul Caliber using the PPSSPP PSP emulator and it works just fine, it looks as good as it would in an actual PSP. For the PS2 emulator I used Aether SX2 and played Resident Evil 4, now most gadgets would not even be able to load this game because it takes so much to run it, for this tablet it is not a problem at all it works perfectly fine and it looks just as good as how a PS2 would run a game maybe even better thanks to super AMOLED display.

Lastly for fun with the help of its SPen I played Pokémon Platinum using Drastic a Nintendo DS emulator. It was super fun once again to play on such a huge screen it was like the biggest NDS to play on I absolutely loved it.

Overall this tablet is elite tier when it comes to gaming running heavy games with no sweat, fast processing and of course once it’s beautiful display makes this a 10/10 gaming device .