image from MPL PH Facebook page

August 12, 2022 week 1 day 1 of the MPL PH Season 10 held at the iCite Building Auditorium an opening match between the previous Grandfinalist of MPL PH season 9 and MSC representatives Smart Omega Vs the reigning MPL PH and MSC champions RSG PH.

Wherein the former MSC champions upset RSG PH in a sweep scoring 2-0 in the best of 3 series.

In game 1 OMG would start off fast as their aggressive playstyle would prove effective giving them the early gold lead.

This aggression would be amplified by gold laner and game 1 MVP Duane”Kelra”Pillas thanks to his excellent Claude plays, sneaking through the backlines of RSG PH and dealing massive burst damage to their artillery heroes.

In game 2 RSG PH would set the tone thanks to the signature hero of MPL PH season 9 MVP Dylan Aaron”Light”Catipon the Franco.

RSGG PH would push Omega into their bases by the mid game but OMG would hold their grounds with punish pick offs whenever RSG PH would try to push towards their base.

Smart Omega would not give up contesting objectives and this lead to a clutch pick off of Light, lord take and wipeout leading to the 2-0 sweep.

Kelra would be named game 2 MVP on the back of his excellent Beatrix gameplay that provided the burst damage OMG needed.

This was the first time Smart Omega (Execration) won on the opening day of MPL, tomorrow they’ll be facing against Blacklist international in the star match up of week 1.