On April 28th,the first day of the MPL Philippines season 9 playoffs kicked off with the first series between Smart Omega Vs Echo. Where in Smart Omega defeated the “superteam” Echo in a 3-0 sweep.In game 1 Omega opened with the Wanwan and Angela picks that would be used by Duane”Kelra”Pillas and Joshua”ch4knu”Mangilog, and end with a surprise pick of the Akai that would be utilized by Omega jungler Dean”Raizen”Sumagui. In the early game it would be Echo who would lead thanks to the disruptive nature of Tristan”Yawi”Cabrera’s Masha that would give Echo an early jungling advantage, however come midgame it would be Kelra’s Wanwan that would activate securing kills and towers as well as ch4knu’s great timing using the Angela ultimate “heart guard” to provide protection for his teammates during big team fights,that would swing the lead into the hands of Omega and from there the team would ride the momentum for the game 1 win.In game 2 the same story would unfold as Echo would lead in the early game thanks Karl”Karltzy”Nepumoceno’s quick jungle rotations, however come midgame ch4knu’s Hilda would prove to be a very disruptive element providing vision on the enemy team and spotting possible picks offs for Kelra’s Wanwan. In the late game it would become a back and forth matchup for the lord as Jankurt”Kurtzy”Matira’s Xavier would steal a lord from Omega to swing the momentum back to Echo, Omega would defend the lord before reaching their base, and in an attempt to go for a push on the main base and they would be punished as Kelra and Patrick”E2max”Acidic would be picked off, this prompted Karltzy to chase down the low health Renz”Renzio”Cadua, however Karltzy’s chase would be punished by Omega picking him off and assuring Omega’s take of the lord, the game would be closed out by Renzio who complete a savage on the last fight securing a game 2 win.

In the last game of the series both teams would give it their all, once again Echo would lead the early game and this time hold onto that lead securing objectives and pushing back Omega controlling their aggressiveness thanks to the zoning and pressure that Yawi’s Franco brings, and overall Echo played a smarter and more patient game, waiting for mistakes from Omega and capitalizing on it, going for a pick off and out strategy maximizing their lineups capacity, however in a team fight for securing positioning on the lord Renzio on his Dyrotth would secure a triple kill that would start the momentum shift for Smart Omega. In the last fight ch4knu would make the call to go all in on the lord securing it and the series win with a 3-0 score.

In the post game interview Smart Omega said that this series is a big confidence booster for the team heading into another match up with a they failed to beat during the regular season, TNC pro team. Echo when asked about what’s next for them Kurtzy said that the team need a hard reset and more bonding between them to get past behind this loss.Omega will gear up again tomorrow April 29th against TNC pro team in the upper bracket.