Jakarta, Indonesia – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championships is in full swing, as day 1 of the knockout stage kicks off with Falcon Esports (MYM) vs Onic Esports (IND). Given the name “Sky King” due to his excellent assassin gameplay, Kairi Ygnacio “Kairi” Rayosdelsol dominated this series using Hayabusa getting aggressive in team fights and expertly marking the squishy heroes of Falcon.

In game 1 Onic would pressure the early game of Falcon jungler Kenneth “Kenn” Hein thanks to their early game damage composition of a Lylia in the mid and Kaja in the roam effectively poking their opponent. However, Falcon wouldn’t back down as EXP laner Min Khant “yellowflash” Hein would prove to be tricky to handle as his Lapu-Lapu was disruptive in turtle takes and would secure trade-offs. However, their efforts wouldn’t be enough as Kairi would snowball expertly cleaning up low-health heroes securing kills and the game 1 win victory.

Game 2 would prove to be not as different as game 1, as Onic took control of this match from the get-go, trading a Fanny to Falcon for multiple “S class” heroes the Gloo, Martis, Karrie, and Kaja. Onic led this game with a 10k gold lead at one point, and Falcon just couldn’t overcome it.

In game 3 however, Falcon would find some new energy as roamer Min “Naomi” Ko would get his hands on his signature hero Natalia. This allowed the team to play their aggressive and invasive playstyle going up as much as 4k on the gold lead, but the momentum would shift as Onic EXP laner Muhammad “Butsss” Sanubari would lead the charge, literally as his Grock would disrupt Falcon’s composition with Flicker Wildcharge combos, opening the comeback for Onic and securing the 3-0 sweep.