MPL Philippines season 9 is nearing its end as we enter week 7 of the competition, headlining this week’s set of matches is the continued rivalry between Nexplay Evos Vs Smart Omega. These two rival teams are set to clash on the second day of week seven April 2 to close out the Saturday set of matches.

In their last match up during the second day of week three Omega took the win in a 2-1 game behind the great performances of Joshua “ch4knu Mangilog and Dean Christopher “Raizen” Sumagui. 

This week Nexplay Evos enters their matchup with a momentum boost from week six thanks to their victory against BREN Esports thanks to the great plays of NXPE roamer Renejay “Renejay” Barcase using his signature hero Chou, ending the teams losing slump. 

In contrast Smart Omega is trying to get out of the gray area by winning enough points to make it into the playoffs. This matchup is crucial for them as this will be a big factor whether or not Omega reaches the playoffs or continue to plummet until they’re eliminated.

Another thing to watch out for between these two players are the heroes they will pick, this is where ch4knu has the advantage with ten unique heroes picked compared to Renejay’s five unique heroes picked, making ch4knu harder to predict.

These two teams have had a long rivalry dating back to season 6 when Nexplay Solid entered the league, this is another chapter to their historic rivalry so tune in 8pm on April 2 for the star match of week 7.

The player match up to look forward to are the teams roamers Renejay Vs Ch4knu. In the current season Renejay has been performing better with a KDA of 3.09 compared to ch4knu’s 2.21 and that can be attributed to their teams performances as well as individually Renejay has been a part of more team kills with a kil participation of 73.88% compared to ch4knu’s 68.61%.