April 29th, day 2 of the MPL PH season 9 playoffs kicked off with the first upper bracket matchup between 2nd seed TNC pro team vs Smart Omega, Smart Omega fresh off a momentum boost series after sweeping the super team ECHO the previous day, unfortunately for them they were outmatched by the textbook performance of TNC winning 3-1 securing their spot in the upper bracket finals.In game 1 Omega was not ready for the rotation the 3 man rotation TNC would do as Daniel”SDZYZ”Chu,Ben”Benthings”Maglaque,and Jomarie”Escalera”Santos all three of them would immediately rotate to the enemy jungle’s purple buff and successfully took it as Dean”Raizen”Sumagui was taking his orange buff giving SDZYZ the early level advantage that at one point he was already level 9 only five minutes into the game while raizen was only level 4, and this snowballed leading to the second shortest game victory only under 10 mins as TNC took game 1.Game 2 would be more competitive as Omega would do a draft using the same heroes TNC used in the previous game specifically the Beatrix that Duane”Kelra”Pillas would use and the lylia that team captain Patrick”E2max”Cadua would use, in addition to the stolen picks coach P4kbet would hand Joshua”Ch4knu”Mangilog’s signature hero Khufra. This proved effective as Omega would give TNC a taste of their own medicine getting pick offs and disrupting SDZYZ’s jungle rotations as they would tie the series 1-1.Game 3 Omega would take the lead early in the game as Omega surprised TNC with a kadita pick to counter Escalera’s Yve pick and this proved effective, however come mid to late game it TNC EXP laner Mark”Kramm”Rusiana and his hero Esmeralda that would turn the tide into TNC’s favor Kramm would prove to be an unkillable force that just soaked damage and disrupted Omega’s formations even against Kelra’s Brody hero who should be able to burst heroes Kramm would not be killed in the late game and that let TNC take the match point 2-1.In game 4 TNC would prove their dominance, Benthings showing why his Franco should be feared, getting every important pick off that would give TNC a 15k gold lead and that sealed the deal sending Omega to the lower brackets with 3-1 series victory.

When asked in the post match interview if they had prepared this specific strategy to combat Omega’s momentum, they only replied that their only strategy was to stick to their playstyle, stick to their identity,play fast and aggressive and leave it all up to God.Tnc will now face the top seed RSG in day 3 so stay tune.