May 6,2023 – Pasay City. The MPL Philippines Playoffs continue on as the top 2 teams Bren Esports and ECHO face in a do or die in the lower bracket.

After losing to last night to RSG in a close 5 game series ECHO reset and dominated BREN, even winning game 3 with a 16-2 kill score being up 14-0 before BREN got a kill on them

Most fans predicted these teams to meet no later than the grandfinals, but after being upset by both Blacklist and RSG the top 1 and 2 of the regular season had to face in the first lower bracket match. This is also the first time the top 1 of the regular falling before the grandfinals.

ECHO sealed the series in game 4 thanks to the amazing performance of Fredic Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales using an unorthodox gold lane Minsithar which provided insane damage and teamfight crowd control capability of the hero especially its Kings Calling ultimate, Bennyqt would end the game and the series with a 4/1/9 KDA.