On May 20, 2022 The PC game World of Warships announced the extension of a Limited Time Promo due to positive feedback from its fans. In partnership with Unipin, the leading digital entertainment enabler in Southeast Asia, fans are now able enjoy more the rewards you can earn in the Referral Campaign until the 16th of June.

With this event being extended, recruiters are given a bigger chance to earn UniPin Credits and more in-game rewards. From May 5th to June 16th, the first 150 Recruiters that successfully invite players to World of Warships through the Recruiting Station will get the chance to earn UniPin credits.

Aside from UniPin Credits, eligible Recruiters with at least 1 Qualifying Recruit by the end of the event, will also receive in-game rewards. All eligible Recruiters will be ranked based on the number of Qualifying Recruits they have accumulated by the end of the event.

Qualifying Recruits have the chance to earn in-game credits and community tokens. Also, the top 50 Recruiters will be rewarded with additional rewards.

To make thing more fun the game will have an update on the 19th of May. Update 0.11.4 will feature three new French Cruisers, new seasons of Ranked and Clan Battles, and the return of fan-favorite Arms Race mode, in Random and Co-op Battles.

World of Warships also released a limited static code WOWSUNIPINPHFRIENDS wherein users can redeem exciting in-game rewards. To know more about the extended event head over to https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/unipin/ for the full details.